In the world of middle school English, students across 6th, 7th, and 8th grades have been diving deep into a diverse array of literary journeys. Sixth graders recently wrapped up their exploration of "Esperanza Rising," the compelling tale of a young Mexican girl's resilience in the face of adversity. They completed the unit with a character analysis; identifying pivotal moments that shaped their development, whether it's overcoming personal challenges, showcasing resiliency, or grappling with internal conflicts. By dissecting these elements, the 6th graders gained a deeper understanding of the character's journey and the themes of the story. 

Meanwhile, seventh graders have traversed the pages of "Maniac Magee" and are currently honing their narrative skills through the art of storytelling, crafting their own fictional tales. Eighth graders have tried to hold back their tears as they immersed themselves into the gritty world of "The Outsiders" and a unit on the Holocaust.  They completed this unit by drafting their own poem, 8th graders stepped into the harrowing shoes of Holocaust victims, weaving verses that echo the plea of "never forget," ensuring that the memory of those who endured such atrocities endures through the power of their words.  

Pictured are the 8th grade “I Can Not Forget” poems